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    What Are Your Triggers

    You will not get addicted to something if nothing triggers you in the first place. An addiction is something that spurs from a certain source, for a certain reason, and one crucial step for...

    Inside the Mind of Sancy Suraj: The Genius Behind Memorizing the Most PI Digits

    Welcome to an exclusive interview with the extraordinary Sancy Suraj, the Singapore record holder for reciting the most pi digits and a renowned expert in memory and memorization. With an impressive total of six...

    The Memory Maverick: Sancy Suraj’s Advice on Motivation

    Sancy Suraj is a renowned memory athlete, trainer, and motivational speaker who has inspired and trained thousands of individuals worldwide. With a world Guinness record for the longest color sequence memorized and six Singapore...

    The Umonics Method: How CEO Sancy Suraj is Changing the Game for Preschoolers

    Education is a crucial aspect of a child's growth and development, and preschool is often the foundation for a child's future academic success. However, the traditional methods of teaching may not be enough to...

    Memory Mastery 101: Sancy Suraj and Pinnacle Minds’ Roadmap to Unstoppable Learning

    Welcome to "Memory Mastery 101: Sancy Suraj and Pinnacle Minds' Roadmap to Unstoppable Learning." In this article, we will explore how Sancy Suraj, the CEO of Pinnacle Minds, and his team are changing the...

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